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TMX5 Issue #6 (Winter Issue)

Image of TMX5 Issue #6 (Winter Issue)


Issue #6 of Total MX-5 is on sale now!!
(with FREE postage for UK customers!)

Contents Winter 2017/18

Bargain basement motorsport
You can compete in the Mazda Sprint Series in your standard road car and can enjoy real competition at a very pleasing price

Hot rod
It once was an MX-5…
America’s hot rod scene creates some pretty wild rides, but this paintless, V8-engined mk1 is a whole different kind of crazy

BBR GTi Stage 1 turbo kit
Turbocharged mk4 1.5
BBR has already stuck a turbo on the 2.0-litre mk4, but the 1.5 version with 210bhp may well be the pick of the pair

Father & Son
Like father, like son
Mark Dixon’s passion for modifying his mk1 rubbed off on his stepson Joe Bryant: now the pair of them have exceptional roadsters

Road Trip
Tales from Wales
Atrocious weather didn’t stop us enjoying some stunning scenery and awesome country roads

Reader’s ride
Mk3 that was almost a hatch
Adam Taylor went shopping for a Mazda hot hatch and came home yearning for an MX-5. He now owns a tastefully modified mk3

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We review the 2017 MX5OC National Rally, launch a new page just for readers called Your Cars, and test a few interesting bits and pieces.

Free prize draw
We’re giving away a set of beautiful fitted luggage for the MX-5, courtesy of IL Motorsport.

The in-depth inside story of how Mazda’s latest special edition, the mk4-based Z-Sport, was conceived, executed, and finally brought to market.

How To: Repair sills properly
How the professionals set about curing the scourge of mk1 and mk2 owners, badly corroded sills.

Moss Europe
Parts supplier to Britain’s growing MX-5 community.

The Total MX-5 fleet
A mk3 project is resurrected, another mk2 joins the fleet, and our mk1s have been out and about.

Technical issues solved
An RF gets sharper handling, various noisy cars are made quieter, and a mk2 has a brake light bulb change.