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TMX5 Issue #4 (Summer 2017)

Image of TMX5 Issue #4 (Summer 2017)


Issue #4 of Total MX-5 is on sale now!!
(with FREE postage for UK customers!)

Carole Nash Insurance has a mk1 MX-5 to give away, a new British tuning company emerges, and Mazda launches a global mk4 race car

MX-5 Owners Club
The MX5OC has a bumper National Rally lined up for late September at the National Motor Museum

Sorting out the design of the mk4 MX-5 wasn’t the work of a moment – we chart what was involved in creating it, and its slow path to production

Mazda’s awesome underground bunker Basement beauties
Mazda North America keeps its heritage fleet in an underground garage: and it’s where the rarest and most interesting MX-5s are kept

Motorsport - Pit lane classroom
There’s no better way to learn about motor racing than to go motor racing, as students from Wrexham University have discovered

BBR’s mx-5 mk4 turbo - Total MX-5’s UK road test
The mk4 has always felt like it could handle much more power – thanks to a turbo, BBR has now given it a stonking 250bhp. It’s impressive

Turbocharging on a budget - The charm of a budget turbo
Michael Gwyn bought a mk1 for £600 then turbocharged it himself using mostly secondhand parts that cost him about £1700

Road trip - The Lake District
Yes, there’s a lot of water in the Lakes, but a lot of fabulous roads, too. We explore in an MX-5 RF

Readers’ rides - Lightly modded RS Limited
James Peach always wanted an MX-5, but when he bought his RS Limited didn’t fully appreciate what he’d got. He does now, though…

How To - Fit 1.8 brakes to a 1.6
Upgrading your mk1 1.6’s brakes to those from a 1.8 is a fairly easy job if you follow our guide

Specialists - The MX5 Restorer
Turning rusty roadsters back into top-down gems

OUR CARS - The Total MX-5 fleet
Corrosion woes and broken parts afflict some, but Bennett’s new tyres are just fine

Q&A - Technical issues solved
Fixing leaky roofs, noisy clutches, stiff gearchanges, and investigating a nasty coolant problem