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TMX5 Issue #3

Image of TMX5 Issue #3


Issue #3 of Total MX-5 is on sale now!!
(on sale via news stands / on general release from 23rd March)
(with FREE postage for UK customers!)

Inside this issue:-

6BBR will soon launch its mk4 turbo conversion; meanwhile it’s resurrecting turbo kits for the mk1 and mk2. And win a £100 voucher from

MX-5 Owners Club
13The MX5OC gets ready for a string of exciting events both nationally and locally during 2017

14 Behind every great car there’s a cast of talented people who made it possible. We discover the brilliant team responsible for the mk4 MX-5

Practical MX-5
How To:
Change a cambelt
62Changing a cambelt needn’t be too daunting a challenge if you follow our step-by-step guide

Paul Sheard
66A look at one of the oldest names on the MX-5 scene

Our cars
70Bennett’s mk2 fails to start, Fraser’s mk1 still has a raggedy ride, and Simon Fox’s mk1 joins the fleet

Technical issues solved
76How to improve your mk1’s headlights, handbrake fixes, and curing kangarooing

Flyin’ miata mk4 v8
MX-5 to the power of eight
20American tuner Flyin’ Miata has installed a 6.2-litre, 518bhp V8 into a mk4: the result is remarkably civilised and extremely quick

The mk1 with a Jaguar V6
28Rocketeer is a thoroughly well engineered conversion that uses the V6 from the Jaguar S-type. And it’s an absolute blast

Total MX-5’s UK road test
36With its coupe styling and fancy folding roof mechanism, this is the mk4 everyone has been waiting for. But is it still an MX-5?

Prestige Vehicle Consultants
If the new RF isn’t for you…
42Some would prefer the RF to be a full convertible with the roof down – PVC can sell you a low mileage mk3 Convertible Coupe that is

Road Trip
Heading west to Cornwall
46Out of season there’s no dawdling traffic to impede your progress, making Cornwall a stunning destination for a road trip

Home build
Modding on a (tight) budget
54Chris Thomas wanted a track look for his mk1, so he broke out the tool kit, bought secondhand bits, and built his car on his driveway