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TMX5 Issue #2

Image of TMX5 Issue #2



Issue #2 of Total MX-5 is available to order right now! (with FREE postage for UK customers!)
(on sale via news stands / on general release from 23rd Dec)

Inside this issue...

• Shows:- Celebrating the MX-5
Total MX-5 joins the Millionth Miata party in California and sets up shop at the hugely well attended MX5OC National Rally

• road trip:- Iceland
It’s Europe’s remotest republic and an island very much at the mercy of nature; we explore Iceland’s brutal beauty in a mk4 MX-5 Icon

• supercharged mk3:- 300bhp Corten-Miller
Corten-Miller’s supercharger conversion for the mk3 has been a long while in the making, and it shows in the quality of the kit

• BBR Turbo Mk 1:- The original BBR prototype
Used first as a development prototype and then as a press demonstrator, against all odds the original MX-5 BBR Turbo has survived

• modified Mx-5s:- Make more of your MX-5
There are lots of ways to modify and tune your car – Total MX-5 presents an overview of what’s available for the first three generations

• Mx-5 vs FIAT 124 Spider:- Blood brothers
Fiat’s new 124 Spider is based on the mk4 MX-5; we head to California to compare the similarities and highlight the differences

Practical MX-5:-

• How To:- Fit mk3 sports springs
Sports springs will improve your mk3’s dynamics: follow our step-by-step guide on how to fit them

• Specialists:- Rota Wheels UK
If you’re changing your wheels, here’s where to go

• Projects:- Our cars
The MX-5s that we own: a mk2 joins the fleet and promptly does what they are renowned for – rusts!

• Q&A:- Technical issues solved
Our resident technical expert advises on rusty mk3s, sticking mk1 windows, and track preparation


Mazda has announced UK pricing for the MX-5 RF and invited Total MX-5 to photograph the special Launch Edition

• MX-5 Owners Club
The MX5OC looks back at the triumphs of 2016 and prepares for a blizzard of exciting events during the next 12 months

• GUEST Column
Part two of Bob Hall’s behind-the-scenes memoirs of creating the world’s best selling sports car and what it took to persuade Mazda to build it

Overseas postage (Europe and USA / Rest of World) is available, too – please select UK/EURO/ROW postage from the pull-down menu below